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Why Are We Here?

Because we can't sleep.


Yeah, sure, it's the pace of life and screens and children and work and constant pressure for our underwear drawers to have a 'glow-up,' but its also anxiety about natural disasters and global instability and let's not forget the Polar Bears and ...Oh wait, you came here to relax.


Remember, there are a lot of us in bed right now, starting at our bright little screen, scrolling down with our right thumb  while our four other fingers grip the device in a desperate attempt to relax.


Anxiety Addict cannot fix any of those things, which, yes, is a huge bummer. We wish we could. So we're here to distract your brain so you can get a decent night's sleep and make the world a little saner, tomorrow.


Remember, Granny said, "Nothing good happens after midnight." Including worrying.


Enjoy and sweet dreams.

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